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KI models for a fuel-injected engine:
To ensure proper fit of a 'KI' unit, measure the inside diameter of the air intake hose at least 2 inches inside the hose. The 'KI' units come in 5mm increments and will fit 1mm smaller to 3mm larger than the specified unit. For example:
KI-60 unit will fit a hose that measures 59mm to 63mm.
KI-65 unit will fit a hose that measures 64mm to 68mm, etc.

KC models for a carbureted engine:

To ensure proper fit of a 'KC' unit, remove the air lid cover and measure the height from the base of the housing to the lid at a distance of 3 inches away from the center. This is most easily accomplished by removing the air lid cover and placing a straight edge (ruler) across the top of the air filter, then taking a height measurement from the base to the straight edge at 3 inches away from center. Then, do the same with the lid. Merely add or subtract the lid height from the base height, depending upon whether the lid drops below the top of the filter or rises above the filter.

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